I do not remember my login / password

Your login is easy to find: it is your email address. To recover your password, click on "Your Account" at the top of the home page, you arrive on the login page and click "Forgot your password? ". We will send your password to your email address.

How do I change my account information?

Log into your space, "Your account" with your email address and password, you can then change the information in your account.

How to unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Just click on the link "Newsletter" at the bottom of this page to enter your email address, select "unsubscribe" and confirm.

How is the personal data of my account?

All information of your account Louis Louise are only used as part of your business relationship with Louise. The processing of such personal information has been declared to CNIL under number 1375767 of 17 July 2009. You have at any time the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data which relate to the application of Article 34 of the law "and Freedoms" of January 6, 1978.

What is the policy on security and privacy?

The site is secured. The transmission of information on the site Louislouise.com takes place in a secure environment, using the existing protocols on the Internet. Payment card numbers are not stored on the site Louislouise.com but on the secure site of our bank.

You can use the Louis Louise site without giving out any personal information. However, when you open an account on the site Louislouise.com, we collect the data necessary for billing and delivery of your order: your name, address, email address, etc. The Louislouise.com site agree not to disclose your details to third parties involved in the progress of your order process: bank, delivery service, etc. In addition, the communication of personal data can also exceptionally when louislouise.com is legally bound to do so, following the filing of a complaint for example.